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Abodes Havanese is a family residing in the Northwest. Our dogs are our main priority and are spoiled rotten! I, Josie Cook, could tell you all about our daily schedule, dog show record, vet references, genetic studies, and influence, but I would love to share with you the heart of why we do all of this. I do enjoy the dog shows and take pride in my research but my favorite time of the day is sitting on 
the couch in the evenings with the family and dogs, eating snacks, and watching HGTV. These dogs fit in perfectly with our family because they just want to be with us and participate in anything we are doing. They are extremely intelligent and super adaptable. When we are watering the garden, they want to be involved and play to their heart's content but as soon as I come inside and plop onto the couch, I can immediately find them piled in my lap. I want to say that I am the dogs’ favorite person, but my parents swear the same thing. I am starting to catch on that they love us all the same and are not sworn to just one person. They love the whole family and especially the kids! Havanese always stay puppies at heart, so most of them are happiest around playful children. Hiking is also a favored activity of ours and I am glad to tell you that the dogs can more than keep up with us for miles and miles because they are a sturdy and hearty breed, which also means they can play with the kids without much worry of injury. In my opinion, Havanese are wonderful companions and are a great family addition.  

Bella is the alpha here at Abodes Havanese. We call her grandma because she is our first Havanese and is the mother of Molly and Bella Mia. She is a champion producer and we are very proud to have her as part of our family. 
Bella Mia is a super snuggly sweet heart. She never knows a stranger and loves everyone. We call her our blond child, though she is exceptionally intelligent. She is an AKC champion and we are going to start training for agility in 2016. 
Molly is full of sugar and spice. She loves the family, loves to play, and you will always find her with a toy in her mouth. She is small yet incredibly sturdy and can definately hold her own. She is an AKC champion and everyone who sees her absolutely adores her. Everyone loves Molly. 
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