Washington Abodes Havanese
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Available Havanese Puppies
My puppies come with:

- AKC limited Registration

- 30 day AKC pet insurance

- First round of vaccinations

- Full round of worming

- Vaccination & Worming records 

My puppies are available on AKC limited registration only and not ever sold for breeding purposes. If you are looking for a show puppy, we of course would LOVE to talk to you and would make an exception in those intances.
Contact Us
Procedure for buying one of our puppies: 
Final-purchase price $3,000
- If you want a Havanese puppy, send me an inquiry and tell me about yourself and your family including your name, location, phone number, your occupation and how long your puppy will be alone during an average day, how many other pets do you have, and whether you want a girl or boy puppy and do have a coat color preference? 
- When I receive your email, I will notify you if we have puppies available or have an upcoming litter. If you're interested in adopting a puppy, I will invite you to our home to meet our dogs and the puppies. If you live out of state and want one of our puppies, I will review that process with you.
- If you are out of state and want one of our puppies, you can fly with the puppy and pick them up at SeaTac airport. You will be responsible for round trip costs. Usually a round trip costs about $500.
- The puppies need to be with their mother until they are 8 weeks old before you can bring them home. At that time, I will ask you to pay the balance for your puppy and sign our sales contract/guarantee. 
- I will send you home with all the essential information you will need to raise your puppy and if you have any questions, I am available to answer questions via call, text, or email. If I do not answer a call, leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
- I care about my puppies and their future families, so never be afraid to come to me for advice ! I also provide free boarding for when you go on vacation and can't bring your Havanese with you or are having a family emergency and need help. 

My puppies are socialized with adults and children since the day that they are born. Once they are a month old, I let my kids hold them every day, under my supervision, so that they are comfortable with being handled. We do a modified puppy culture program which includes early neurological stimulation, problem solving activities to increase their tolerance and intelligence, desensitization to different loud noises, textures and experiences. Under the pictures of the puppies is our adoption process and some questions for you to answer in an email when you click on my website's CONTACT US button. 
Luna and Eddie had 6 puppies, 3 girls and 3 boys, on December 20th. 
I also have 3 puppies available who are 4 months old. Their parents are Silver and Eddie. Please scroll down for Pricing and more information 
girl 2 is reserved ❤️❤️❤️ Text me at 253-337-3334

              Mom of older puppies - Silver                Dad - Eddie                       Mom of younger puppies- Luna                                    
Sample of sales contract: 
Boy 1 - 4 months old 
Boy 2 - 4 months old
girl - 4 months old